Results may vary from person to person

Aspiration’s Volumizer™ system is an innovative hair improvement solution that is designed to blend perfectly with your existing hair style, length, colour, and curl. Integrated with your hair, the Volumizer™ gives you a beautiful full head of hair creating volume and coverage exactly where you need it. It looks completely natural, a far cry from the artificial “wiggy” look you can get with traditional hair pieces and wigs. It can be worn permanently so it feels like your own natural hair – allowing you to swim, shower, style and sleep with confidence.

Hair Improvement Solution London

Created by hand for each client using only the highest quality natural hair, Aspirations Volumizer™ allows you to go from self-conscious to self-assured in moments.


Results may vary from person to person

Find out why Aspiration’s Volumizer™ is the perfect choice for you and your thinning hair.

I would like to say this system is the best thing I could have had. It is undetectable. Since having this done I have never looked back. Forget the cosmetic surgery side of hair replacement...this is the best you can get I can honestly say 100%.


Dear Andy

I had had a volumizer system from another well-known establishment for several years and was never quite satisfied with it or the service offered there. Having recently decided to give Aspiration a try,  I am amazed at the difference. The hair is far superior in terms of quality and colour and the design of the system is wonderful, blending perfectly with my own hair. Its application, carried out by a kind, considerate and efficient stylist in an individual room, is quick, pain-free and, therefore, far healthier for my own hair and scalp. Incredibly, it is much less expensive and Aspiration is conveniently located as well.

I now have a beautiful, natural-looking head of hair, which, importantly,  is easy to manage myself, and am saving a considerable amount of time and money too.
I am delighted with the service at Aspiration.

Kind regards


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