You Are Not Alone – Female Celebrities Who’ve Suffered Hair Loss…

J Pinkett

  1. (American actress, dancer and singer-songwriter) Jada Pinkett-Smith (married to actor Will Smith). The most recent female star to open up about her hair loss – owing to Alopecia, She suspects stress to be the cause though medical tests have proved inconclusive. Meantime she is rocking the exotic headscarf look.

Keira Knightly

2. British Actress Keira Knightly – blames her hair loss on the constant dying of her hair different colours for various acting roles. Wore wigs for five years but says hair is recovering now.

N Campbell 2

3. British Supermodel Naomi Campbell – has never really talked about her hair loss. She has just been somewhat careless on various photo shoots. Experts suspect relaxer chemicals along with traction alopecia when she wears her hair in tight styles such as cornrows.

K Price

4.British Model and author Katie Price – blames the stress of her divorce and online trolling surrounding her disabled son for her issues with hair loss.

Nadia Sawalha

5. British Actress and TV Presenter Nadia Sawahla – estimates she lost around a third or her hair after entering the peri-menopause when it started falling out in large clumps in the shower each morning. She was known for her big hair, so feels it’s had a definite impact on her personality.

G Porter

6. British Model and TV presenter Gail Porter – has suffered from Alopecia on and off for many years. Occasional wig wearer, but quite often she dares to go bare. Gail was one of the first female celebrities to go public on her battle with hair loss.

We salute all brave celebrities who have ‘come out’ with hair loss issues. It must be even harder when you are in the public spotlight and have your looks continually scrutinised and judged by millions of people. Ultimately you do your fans a huge favour by admitting your hair loss problems and making them feel better about their own, so thank you. Sometimes it helps to know that no one is immune, not even those who appear to have been born under a lucky star and can afford every celebrity treatment and advantage.

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