World Pattern Hair Loss

World map of baldness

According to Quora website, a recent clinical mapping exercise of male pattern hair loss has found that baldness is most common in Czech Republic men, with almost 42.79% (nearly half) going bald.

2nd is Spain at 42.6%
3rd is Germany at 41.2%
4th is France at 39.2%
Joint 4th is Britain at 39.2%

Next comes US, followed by Italy, Poland, Netherlands, Russia and Canada.

China and the Far East enjoy the lowest levels of hair loss (though interestingly when Chinese and others from far eastern countries emigrate to the West, their hair luck quickly runs out to put them on a par with the natives, particularly if they adopt a western diet and lifestyle.)

Worse, western hair loss, which used to rarely kick in before late 30s/early 40s, is becoming a problem for younger and younger men now so that trichologists and other hair loss experts are seeing more men in their 20s than ever before and even some teenagers. This is certainly also reflected in our salons.

Whether this mapping will lead to further research on environmental and lifestyle factors and their apparent role in hair loss is debatable as non-drug research tends to lack financial backers since there is less financial incentive. Probably it will have to wait for some wealthy philanthropist with hair loss to take things to the next level.

Meantime, some fascinating food for thought.