Why ‘the Beyonce effect’ is ruining young girls’ hair

Traction alopecia

The ‘Beyonce effect’ is said to be fuelling a new wave of traction alopecia in young girls. With limited budgets, the star-struck youngsters book into the nearest extension and weave salon and demand to be given stage-glamorous tresses just like their heroine.

However according to America’s Posh the Stylist, they are often putting themselves in inexperienced hands who employ amateur techniques and use poor quality products to achieve the desired affect. Their new hair may look great when they leave the salon, but within weeks, or even days, this styling work starts placing a huge strain on their natural hair, particularly after a few sleeps and washes.

The other thing many young girls fail to realise is that their favourite pop star generally only wears big hair on stage or for pop videos and red carpet events. It is not a 24/7 look for them, but something they do to glam themselves up or change their look. People have paid a lot of money to see them after all. Like your best outfit, extensions are often best left for special occasions and relegated to the clip-on variety unless you can afford the best.

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