Why Do Your Systems at Aspiration Hair Take so Long to Make?

Our systems take approximately 8 weeks from the time of design. Why? Because being the world’s best at what we do requires the absolute highest standards in our craftsmanship. Our systems are all made by hand in the West, are made from the finest materials on the planet, use real human hair (only from the west), we match your hair sample taken during design perfectly before constructing your system, ensure hair density matches your real hair perfectly, and that hair length is exact- among many other things. Our systems don’t bleed hair after purchase, or tear, or rip, and last longer than any other on the market (2-3 Plus years for a pair). All of our systems also comprise the famed “Aspiration Frontâ„¢” our undetectable and patented front which looks like the hair is literally growing out of your head. Our goal is to always be the undisputed, best in the world at what we do: making each customer look their absolute best hair-wise. This takes time.