Why are your hair extensions better than the glue-based ones?

Well, to quote our own information: Many or most hair extensions have problems: don’t mix well, others break or frizz, some are not properly put in, others fall out quickly, few are warranted, etc. The most significant and visible problem with hair extensions that has come to light has been what the press have dubbed “The Curse of Hair Extensions”- hair damage caused by the use of glues, heat, and chemicals (used to remove them).

Instead of using glues and heat to bond, thus requiring chemical removers, we use an advanced “Micro Ring System™” which removes without any type of chemical or heat being applied (and is also is more undetectable)- altogether being kinder to your hair. Another benefit is that Aspiration Hair extensions are “ultra-customized” to the individual- instead of choosing from a generic colour chart, they can actually take a small sample of your hair and match its colour, density, and style.