Whey To Go!

protein shake

If reports are to be believed, balding men might soon be able to do the ‘Shake n Hack’ as a new protein drink is introduced to the UK called Help Hair.

The moppachino does not come cheap at £49 per pouch but developer Dr Lawrence Shapiro, a hair physician for 27 years believes it represents a revolution in hair gain, particularly for men who work out.

Dr Shapiro realised that whey protein isolate is very common in work out  foods. However whey protein Isolate is also extremely anabolic, containing branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s). These aid in rapid post-work out recovery but also  raise testosterone levels, which is not so good for hair.

He decided to formulate a new type of whey protein shake to deliver the post-work out benefits without the unwanted side effects. This resulted in the Help Hair Shake with added hair vitamins, now available in two flavours – vanilla and chocolate – and approved by 110 hair restoration clinics in the US.

Hopefully a version for women is coming soon…