When Rapunzel Lets Down Your Hair

Rapunzel 2

Most of us are familiar with the German fairy tale Rapunzel and many of us would give anything for similarly long and lustrous hair.

But have you heard of ‘Rapunzel Syndrome’?

I hadn’t.

It turns out this is the next stage of trichotillomania (hair pulling), where sufferers not only pull out their hair and chew on the hair bulbs, but then go onto eat and swallow it.

This inevitably leads to hair balls forming in the stomach, but unlike cats we are not designed to get rid of it so easily.

In a tragic case, 16 year old Skegness girl Jasmine Beever (below) has died after the hairball in her stomach became infected and she contracted peritonitis. A very rare case, but it can happen.

.jasmine 2