What’s Hair Got To Do With It?

Tina turner

Few would disagree – Tina Turner’s hair is iconic. Almost deserving of its own fan club!

Most of us always knew it had help, but Tina now admits in her new autobiography that she is a hair loss sufferer and it was a full wig, thinned down and customised with extra wefts added to create her trademark gravity defying look. Or to be precise a range of full wigs to give the appearance of growing and being cut again and enabling different styles.

Tina blames overprocessing in her early career and her subsequent stressful divorce from Ike Turner for her hair loss.

Touchingly she confesses to being nervous about dating new men after her divorce in case new boyfriends found out she wore a wig and they were not dating the exotically coiffured creature they imagined.

But what an amazing job she did to not just hide her hair loss, but become a worldwide rock sensation and sex symbol while suffering from hair loss and strutting her stuff ion the stage for all the world as if she didn’t have a care!

How many of us could do the same?

Tina, you’re an inspiration in more ways than you know. And a stunning woman, with or without hair.