What is Laser Hair Loss Therapy and How Does It Work?

Many of our clients are delighted with the results of their laser helmet therapy sessions to promote hair growth but are still confused about how lasers to encourage hair growth work.

‘How is it you can get laser treatment to remove hair on your legs and also get laser treatment to promote hair growth on your head?’ is a common question.

The simple answer is there are two families of laser; hot lasers and cold lasers. In each family exist a range of lasers of varying intensities which are used for a wide range of purposes. In fact the laser is probably the single most useful modern innovation (and revolution) next to the microchip! Hot lasers are the strongest and used in medicine for cutting or burning diseased body tissues out or, with less intense more refined lasers, in beauty salons for removing unwanted body hair. In industry hot lasers are also used for the precision cutting of metals, plastics and other materials as they offer more accuracy than traditional methods and can achieve complicated or intricate work in a fraction of the time that former methods achieved. In fact lasers of all kinds have hundreds of uses far too numerous to list here, down to the harmless little laser which plays the tracks on your CD!

In hair loss treatment, a cold ruby light laser, specifically known as Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is employed as it causes a photochemical effect, a bit like photosynthesis, which serves to gently stimulate cells and follicles to renew or start working again, rather than blitzing them into oblivion as a hot laser would! As well as promoting hair growth, LLLT is also known to aid faster healing in surface injuries owing to its anti-inflammatory effect, so can help scalp conditions simultaneously, which in turn can aid hair recovery if a scalp condition has been a contributory factor to the hair loss. Not surprisingly LLLT lasers are also marketed for the aid of healing and pain relief. You might naturally assume such a gentle laser can do no harm, but LLLT still needs to be used carefully as overuse can negate or even reverse its good effects, despite the obvious temptation! Therefore it is important to follow the instructions given by your salon or manufacturer (if you have purchased a home use laser device).

At Aspiration, you can book a course of laser helmet treatments as a package and we offer a number of bespoke hair products specially designed to support and optimise the results of your laser treatment in addition to monitoring and assessing your treatment progress throughout. Please book your free no-obligation consultation today and let us assess your level of hair loss and advise you on your options. We also supply LaserComb hand wands for home use, though these can be trickier to use to give even treatment coverage and, by necessity, contain far fewer lasers in a smaller device. They can also result in a very tired arm as you need to hold it over each section of your scalp in turn every other day!