Weave It Like Beckham…?

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Possibly famous for sporting more hair styles than any other male celebrity during his 43 years, football star David Beckham’s hair is currently the talk of the town since he rather unwisely (if he was trying to hide thinning locks) opted for a recent buzz cut.

Within days of the ‘is he? isn’t he?’ gossip columns going into overdrive, he suddenly possessed an inpenetrable dark thatch (right) with no scalp showing at all, leading to all kinds of speculation.

Was it a transplant? Was it a weave? Was it a wig? What else could work that quick?

We believe it was colour matched microfibres sprayed onto his own hair and fixed with locking mist, one of the quickest cosmetic fixes and lasting until the hair is washed. While clearly expertly applied, it was a little too mathematically precise around the hairline for realism, giving a bit of an Action Man doll effect, again, picked up on by the media.

Beckham is said to be determined to preserve his good looks at all costs, so this is probably just the beginning of his war against hair loss.

May the good fight commence! We would be delighted to help David explore all the very latest in hair replacement technology at Aspiration Hair.

Meantime, he just might want to avoid the buzz cuts!