Wayne’s Mane, The Sequal

Apparently Manchester United star footballer Wayne Rooney has just undergone a second hair transplant two years after splashing out some estimated £30,000 on the first. The London clinic he attended for the procedure earlier this month claimed thia was ‘a standard follow-up’ to the original hair transplant two years ago.

In truth, this is anything but ‘a standard follow up’. And few standard men could afford it first time round, let alone if such a ‘standard follow-up’ was required as part of a normal treatment plan. What the clinic should have admitted is that Wayne’s original transplant was failing so he had decided to try again.

There is no shame in admitting this. While true failure statistics remain as patchy as some transplants and surgeons claims are naturally high, it is suspected that as many as 70% of hair transplants will fail within the first five years, particularly if the hair loss has not naturally plateaued and continues to recede, leaving gaps between the new hair and the harvest site. That said, transplant techniques have advanced a lot in terms of getting the actual transplant to survive the relocation, rather than dying and falling out within weeks of the transplant, though this too remains a risk. If diffuse hair loss continues the other risk is that the transplant ends up looking ‘weedy’ in some cases making an individual look worse than if they’d let hair loss take its natural course.

While we wish Wayne all the best second time round, Aspiration are here next time a ‘standard follow-up’ is suggested to offer great hair he can rely on and at a fraction of the price.