Valentine’s Day

Like most people, I have known a number of solitary Valentine’s Days in my time and, after female hair loss struck, pessimistically assumed I’d be doomed to many more.

Instead this morning I rose bright and early to wash my Aspirationed hair and set off to work with a spring in my step to look forward to being told how gorgeous I am tonight when I meet my beloved off the train.

He can touch and stroke my glossy locks without a flinch on my part as nothing’s about to fall off or out. I merely draw the line at him mussing it up too much in case he ‘over-tangles’ it (not to mention manages to feel the line between lace and scalp, almost undetectable as it is.)

Luckily he never has and remains convinced I am as naturally blessed as I used to be with my hair.

Leaving me free to focus on loving him back and without fear of what my hair might get up to by way of slipped hairbands, camoflage rubbing off or other lesser solutions (a real passion killer!)

He is such a lovely man, I feel pretty sure he would love me even if I didn’t have a single hair on my head, but it’s still nice not to have to put him to the test.

If hair is the most important thing, love is definitely the second most important thing!

I wish everyone reading this a Valentine’s Day as happy as mine.