Unlucky in locks – young male hair loss

young male hair loss

By the age of 35, over 40% of men will have experienced some degree of hair loss. But what of the small percentage who start losing their hair when they are scarcely out of school or college. When they have yet to reach full maturity and might reasonably expect to look and feel just like their mates – at the peak of their youth and physical attractiveness…?

‘Sean’ was such an individual who visited us for a consultation recently at the tender age of 18 and proved so traumatised by his hair loss, not to mention regular ribbing from his mates, that he needed counselling every bit as much as he needed a cosmetic solution. He said he first noticed with shock that he had a problem two years earlier following a football match after he had showered and returned to the dressing room. He caught sight of himself in a mirror with wet hair and realised he could see a patch of skin showing through the crown. He had bought various pills and potions over the internet with increasing desperation but the hair loss had just grown worse. He had been to the doctor, but there was no obvious medical reason and his doctor concluded; ‘It’s just one of those things Sean. Why don’t you shave it all off? Lots of blokes do.’

Sean thanked the doctor for his medical expertise through gritted teeth but in reality was no more ready to lose his hair at this age than he was to lose his teeth. Perhaps if he were 45, he might expect it but not at 18, when his adult life had scarcely begun!

It is often hard for young males to talk to anyone about their hair loss without the risk of being mocked or cruelly teased by their mates and even their own families, particularly in a macho household, and they can feel quite alone. Though of course they are not alone. Footballer Wayne Rooney and Prince William both experienced severe hair loss before they hit 20, as did Star Trek star Patrick Stewart, who has publicly admitted his devastation about it. Luckily for all three, hair loss did not impede their success in life, though Wayne Rooney famously decided to do something about his hair loss with a succession of hair transplants.

Sean could not afford a hair transplant, but that could well be a blessing in disguise as so many transplants in young men do not last where hair loss continues and they then have another strip of bare scalp to fill requiring a further transplant! If you are going to consider a transplant, this is best done once your hair loss has finally stabilised and is unlikely to get any worse, which could take several years. Meantime it is worth considering a course of laser helmet treatments or, for a cosmetic solution, an undetectable micro-skin membrane natural hair system bonded to the scalp.

Sean opted for the latter with us and is delighted with the results.