TRX2 – Giving Minoxodil and Finasteride a Run For Their Money…?


For those experiencing unwanted side-effects from Minoxidil and Finasteride, such as dizziness or reduced libido, we are hearing increasingly positive reviews of TRX2, which is said to deliver similar hair growth results at a similar price using a completely natural supplement.

So how does TRX2 work? Well it claims to engage with the potassium channels in hair follicles.

Studies show that over time, potassium channels in men and women begin to wear out, gradually inhibiting the transport of essential nutrients to the membrane.

While there have yet to be clinical studies undertaken, anecdotal evidence suggest more and more hair loss sufferers report results with TRX2 are not only working better than other supplements they’ve tried and, let’s face it, most of us have tried dozens of hair supplements, it is rivalling if not bettering the results obtained by the standard medical treatments available of Minoxidil and Finasteride.

As with all hair loss treatments, expect to have to persevere for 6 months or so before you see any results as hair takes this length of time to start its recovery cycle.

It also remains an unknown as to whether such a treatment would need to be continued for life to maintain any results as is the case with many hair loss treatments.

If you try this product please ensure you help others by reviewing it after 6-12 months use with a detailed account of your experiences and results during that time, good, bad or indifferent.