Tregs as hair growth triggers?

hair growth

A recent surge in hair loss research has revealed that regulatory T cells otherwise known as Tregs could be used to trigger hair growth according to scientists from University of California.

Tregs are present throughout our bodies and control inflammation. Dysfunction of Treg cells can cause problems such as allergies to nuts, pollen or gluten and it is now thought their absence can cause hair loss as well since their presence is needed for hair growth.

Previously it was believed that the natural replacement cycle of each hair was an entirely stem cell-dependent process but it is now suspected that Tregs are essential as hair does not grow if this immune cell is knocked out, though it is likely that a collaborative relationship between stem and immune cells is necessary for sustained hair growth and health.

Bald mice are the sole beneficiaries of research so far but there are bound to be no shortage of human guinea pigs putting themselves forwards.