To Baldly Go Where Many Men Have Gone Before…?

Not to be outdone by Wayne Rooney’s Hair Transplant’s blog, William Shatner’s Toupee charts its adventures at Shatner’s Toupee blog where Shatner fans can exchange learned treatise about the extraordinary career of the hair which refuses to baldly go where many men have gone before and did in fact spend twenty years apparently advancing rather than receding after a wobbly moment in a Star Trek fight scene (top left). He even gets his own version of the Norwood hair loss chart (top right) and is the object of fantasies about what he might have looked like had nature taken its course (bottom right). Mr Shatner has finally settled on a ‘silver fox’ look for his advancing years (see photo) which isn’t at all bad, except that the temple line is not wholly realistic and perhaps the cut/texture could do with softening so as not to have a doll-like quality. The common consensus among fans is that he has now settled on a lace-front bonded system, albeit not as good as we could have provided at Aspiration, naturally!

However looking over the career of his hair, Mr Shatner has actually made better hair choices than stars such as Charlton Heston who seem to have bought one hair piece and stuck to it for the last 40 years. It is odd that Mr Shatner therefore attracts such enormous internet attention when he works in a business where stars wear hairpieces all the time depending on their roles, and having evidently followed the hair fashions over the decades to the best of the hair technology available at the time.

Hats off to him we say!