Three Screen Queens Admit Hair Needs Help

joan joanna keira

So what do Joan Collins, Joanna Lumley and Keira Knightley have in common?

All three have publicly admitted to wearing hair pieces and not necessarily just for filming!

Joan Collins is practically an evangelist on the subject endorsing hair pieces in beauty books she has written as a way for a woman to ‘protect her real hair’. It would be intriguing indeed to see what condition her natural hair is in after forty years of following her own advice and whether it has worked.

Absolutely Fabulous star Joanna Lumley has admitted that her hair simply can’t take the vicious level of daily back-combing required to create Patsy’s legendary beehive ‘do and so for the recent feature film she has resorted to wearing a hair piece.

As for Keira Knightley, just being an actress has proven too tough for her hair which started ‘going thin’ when she had to dye it a succession of differing colours for differing parts in a very short space of time.

Perhaps none of this is so surprising when you consider that an actress’s tresses must surely be exposed to more constant processing and restyling than anyone else’s bar a model’s.

What is surprising is that none of these stars had to admit to their hair problems, though Joan’s preference for particularly extravagant coiffures probably marked her out as having had some assistance not available from Mother Nature.

But it’s great that they have revealed their secrets and they all look – well – absolutely fabulous darling!