There is Hope for Hair Loss and General Hair Problems:

For many years, those suffering from hair loss have had a very difficult path to follow for help—and in many cases still have problems. But, Aspiration is here to help change that!

First they went to their doctors, who usually view hair loss or hair problems as very “minor things”–things based on vanity, pride, or no big deal (in other words, not medically significant). The emotional damage, loss of self-esteem and life enjoyment are neither understood or considered. Until recently, most of those experiencing hair loss felt bad after leaving their doctor’s office, believing it was a waste of time (on both sides). In some countries like the UK (where a “stiff upper lip” mentality is ingrained into the population), a visit to the doctor for most hair loss victims was simply an exercise in humiliation– being told how “silly” or “touchy” you were for worrying about hair. The reality is that medically trained doctors are just that, trained to deal with direct life-threatening issues such as cancer, heart disease, etc.–hair loss to them is seen as simply trivial and from the vanity side of life. “You can’t directly die from hair loss, so don’t waste my time” is the prevalent thinking by most of the medical community.

The next step usually was a dreaded one: going to a hair loss clinic. Historically small, mom and pop operations, the reputation (correctly) earned by hair loss clinics has been one based on false promises, shady dealings, unregulated- treatments, and products that simply were a money pit. Treatment does not work? Never has? It’s my fault? Refunds–you never heard of them? Away went a poor hair loss sufferer’s money and self esteem for being “taken.”

Finally, the end of the road was a wig shop–of which there are various types. Starting with the department store, mass-production wigs sold for $50 to $100, had bristle-like hair, were hot, non-permanent, and had a “forever fringe” (or a large “stub” at the front that had to be covered at all times). Next, came specialist wig shops who basically offered the same thing (bristle-like hair), still as hot as an oven, were non–permanent, with a “forever fringe”, but had more variety in colour and size and styled them for you. They also came with more/better customised service— and a heavy price tag (up to $2,000).

Still the fundamental problems existed for years such as non-breathability (hot), non permanency, no natural front hairline, no proper warranty, or any real, great leap in technology. The reason for the stagnation of the hair loss industry was simply due to its fragmented and small business nature—there were no big league players with the massive budgets, research and production resources to discover and implement breakthrough products. At best, the leading players who had some size (millions not billions) simply took their profits and ran to the bank, leaving the hair loss customer market to make due with what’s out there or suffer.

As society has grown (both physically and morally) over the last decade, so, too, has the medical community in its dealing with those experiencing hair loss and hair problems in general—although it still has a long way to go. Now, most hair loss is seen as having the potential to severely impact a person’s life in terms of self-esteem, happiness, personal confidence, and life enjoyment—unless dealt with seriously and effectively. In an age where breast implants are a norm, hair loss and hair problems are not seen as being “vanity-based” and “trifling”; but, instead, are viewed as a serious issue that has to be dealt with like any medical problem (with care and dignity).

Enter Aspiration Hair

For a number of years, two London, UK businessmen who had experienced hair loss and the negatives of dealing with it simply had enough. They were fed-up with not being listened to, being given false promises, lied to, and having their money taken through expensive (often-overcharged) and ineffective products and services. They decided that either they had to create a new solution or simply carry-on with the status quo—they chose the former. Together, with all the assets they had, both decided to create a company (a sanctuary) that was the exact opposite of the hair loss and replacement industry. Trust mixed with Innovation would be their mantra, and the solutions produced would be real… and backed (for the first time, ever) with a warranty (a real one) that was a promise of how they would do business and improve people’s lives. Aspiration Hair Studio was born and over years has grown in every way… with many thousands of clients who have had their lives changed for the better through Innovation and Trust. The products that have come out of Aspiration Hair’s London offices have been incredible and industry-changing:

– the Aspiration Hair System™ (a hair system you can run, swim, shower, sleep, and live life to the fullest with)

– the Aspiration Hair Front™ (the world’s most incredible front hair line that looks like the hairs are growing out of your scalp)

– the Volumizer™ is a revolutionary product for women that immediately thickens hair that is generally thinning all over or in large areas

– the Phases® product is where hair is replaced in careful amounts so as not to let anyone know you are having hair addition

-Aspiration’s hair extensions are famed for being kinder to your hair, not damaging like messy glues, chemicals, or heat

-Our Hair Re-Growth programme is either office or kit/home based, and uses FDA-Approved flagship products in combination with our own specially-formulated detoxifiers and nutrients.

-The Aspiration You Promise™ is the hair industry’s first comprehensive written warranty that backs every Aspiration Hair product ensures that our core value of Trust is not just a word, but a fact. Our customers matter to us, and we stand behind them.

Trust, Innovation, Creativity, and being Premium are at the core of Aspiration’s philosophy, and the company continues in its tried and tested approach and history of constantly bringing products and services to life that give hope to men and women experiencing hair loss and hair problems. We call it our Aspiration Hair ™.

Aspiration Hair has its UK Aspiration Hair Centre in London Bridge, UK .

Stefan P.