The Parting of Parity (siblings and hair loss)

FML Alopecia Twins AH 024

It’s bad enough for brothers when one starts losing his hair and the other remains unaffected but for 37 year old twin sisters, Elin and Gwen Thomas, alopecia almost wrecked their close relationship as for Gwen it was like looking into a mirror and seeing what she should look like every time she looked at her sister. She became jealous of Elin and Elin became guilt-ridden. They couldn’t even share a mascara wand on a night out as Gwen had lost every hair on her body as well as her head.

Gwen’s hair loss became the ‘elephant’ in the room which they couldn’t talk about and they began to drift apart. It was even more inexplicable to them given that their lifestyles were virtually identical and they shared the same parents (who had both been lucky with their hair).

Modern medicine, as per usual, had no answers, though Gwen was informed by a dermatologist that she had consulted him ‘too late’ as if to suggest something could have been done and it was Gwen’s fault for leaving it ‘too late’.

Gwen wore scarves for a while and then treated herself to a £4,000 custom-made wig of human hair, but eventually, following successful counselling. decided to discard all and go bare-headed and proud. She now runs her local support group Alopecia UK. There is no doubting however that hair loss has taken a major toll on her confidence over the years, particularly regarding her private life in addition to straining her relationship with, and feelings about, her sister.

All I will say Gwen is that there is another way. Give Aspiration Hair a ring if you are tired of having to be strong all the time or defined by Alopecia or public assumptions of cancer treatment. There is no shame in finding a solution.