The Eyelashes Have It!

Eyelash growth and enhancing mixtures have mushroomed in popularity in the last couple of years almost as much as hair restoration products did in the decades before (and continue to do so).

The invention of eyebrow transplantation in recent years has also raised a few eyebrows, mostly in delight.

But what do you do if you have no eyelashes left to enhance? Or perhaps as a trichotillomania sufferer you have pulled them out to the point of no return. Become a magician of the make-up box, I am guessing, spending long amounts of getting ready time in the morning on painstaking artistry.

Now a new procedure has crossed the pond from America to sweep Britain – eyelash transplantation, the replacement of those drapes for the windows of the soul, which aside from helping us express ourselves, also serve the useful function of being able to bat away most dust and insect threats before they reach the eye.

At an average of £4,000 a pop, this transplant is not for the light-walleted and the case highlighted on the link above actually spent twice that much for doubly luxuriant lashes. Like a folicular transplant the procedure involves transplanting hairs from the back of your own head, but this time into your eyelids (under local anaesthetic). Being hair, they will grow faster than normal eyebrows and require trimming and curling every few days, though the same risks are inherant as with a hair transplant – ie it might not take and all the hairs may fall out again.

The good news doesn’t end here. Moustache, sideburn and beard transplants are also now available in the UK.