The Eyebrows Have It!

eyebrow microblading

It is twelve years since actress and TV presenter Gail Porter was first struck by  Alopecia Universalis and although her hair has made a few brief attempts to grow back, she has sadly suffered ever since.

Gail has been admirably frank about her condition and about the mental health issues it has caused.

From being the poster girl decorating every straight teenage boy’s bedroom wall and Loaded magazine in skimpy swimwear in the late 90’s/early noughties,  Gail admits she often feels ‘ugly and useless and can’t bear to leave the house.’ She has also variously been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and anorexia and was even sectioned for seventeen days in 2011, unsurprisingly, following the relapse of her hair loss after a short period of recovery.

One of the toughest aspects is what Gail calls – ‘waking up with no face’ until she pencils in her eyebrows.

Now she  has discovered a better solution – eyebrow microblading, a method of cosmetically tattooing on new eyebrows to give a strand by strand appearance. The £495 procedure entails using hair-fine blades dipped in ink to create tiny incisions on the skin. The results are semi-permanent marks that resemble eyebrow hair and look incredibly realistic, even under close scrutiny. These can last up to a year and Madonna is said to be a fan.

While Gail’s television career has suffered over the years owing to her refusal to wear a hair piece (she did not want to scare her young daughter at the time), her baldness has now become more a badge of defiance. Of refusing to conform, but being willing to pay the price, both emotionally and professionally.

Gail undoubtedly has a beautiful head with or without hair, but whether her stance has helped her mental health is another question.

Here at Aspiration Hair, we take the view that life is better with hair, preferably great hair, and no one needs to emulate Gail Porter, unless they really want to!