The Crowning Glory Con


Haircare brand Suave Professionals have blown the lid off the tricks of their rivals in selling us the dream of Rapunzel-like hair, and it turns out this dream is a fairy tale after all!

Tricks of the trade involve using lengths of fishing rod, styrofoam balls and wind machines to billow out the hair or make it appear as if it is floating on air, and long extensions nailed to the floor as a model lies down, her own hair blending seamlessly in with the fake.

These tricks are used in hair videos and photoshoots to make models appear to have natural hair to die for as a result of using that company’s products.

In Hollywood things are even more blatant, with some stylists specialising in designing lace front wigs for models to use in hair product advertising, passing them off as their own hair entirely.

Apparently 74% of viewers do not believe such hair is attainable, but it has still been suggested that there needs to be more consumer protection to prevent deception.

If this comes to pass I would also request that a law be passed that no woman under 50 be permitted to advertise anti-wrinkle cream!

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