The Bald And the Beautiful

Therese Hannson

A lucky few ladies have defied hair loss to the extent of being able to sign modelling contracts.

26- year old Therese Hansson from Sweden (pictured) is the latest. The former nurse who began losing her hair to Alopecia at 14 was prompted by a friend to approach modelling agencies as a young adult. She ended up being signed by Swedish modelling agency GC Management for whom she specialises in lingerie modelling.

Like every female with hair loss, Therese was at first horrified and didn’t tell anyone outside of close family and then one or two friends. For years she relied on wigs to feel normal and get through school and studies. Now she has embraced her hairless look, though still wears wigs sometimes.

It is certainly very brave when someone embraces full hair loss even if they have the good luck to look like a beautiful space alien!

However I cannot help feeling it must still be exhausting to cope with life without the element that should by rights be your birthright – your crowning glory. And it must be quite a lonely life in the modelling world, particularly if all your contemporaries have salon-style hair to swish.

I am so glad there is no need to be brave for those of us who are blessed with neither the energy nor the model girl looks to enable us to reach our full potential without some cosmetic help.

I think media articles are quite narrow to only talk about ‘wigs’ as if something used as far back as the 1600’s were still the only cosmetic help available. Even if an actual cure for hair loss remains elusive, we now have a myriad of cosmetic and treatment options available, depending on the type and severity of each individual’s hair loss and many solutions are absolutely undetectable from natural grown hair.

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