The Aspiration Hair brand story

For over a decade, our founders pioneered hair replacement systems in Mayfair London. Not content to rest on their laurels, they sought a challenge that would allow them to even further create and push through new boundaries in hair replacement, hair loss and hair improvement solutions–ultimately taking the industry to a new level.

Enter the world of Aspiration Hair: the Best Way for hair replacement innovation and hair improvement that Aspires you to be who you really are and want to be… to live life to its fullest (and not sit on the sidelines).

Aspiration Hair’s philosophy is simple: through our energy, passion, people, progressive innovation, creativity, and dedication create REAL ground-breaking, people-oriented products and services that change lives for the better. And back this with the industry’s best guarantee the Aspiration Promiseā„¢.

For us, the dream and goals have always been the same: to delight every customer by giving them their hair and thus their lives back. For Aspiration, making sure that no client has life wasted/lost from hair loss is the goal. We believe that Great Hair is a key element in living life to its fullest.

Experience the Best Way… Best Products, Best People, Best Hair for Life…