Thank you Aspiration

Dear Andy

I have been meaning to send you an email for at least two months, just to say thank you to you and all the staff at Aspiration. I have always been a rather busy person, work, young children, busy social life etc. Then something drastic happened in my life, my hair started to thin out. Initially I thought it would grow back, but as my hair thinned my self esteem plummeted. At this point in my life I was running conference – speaking publicly to as many as 150 to 200 people, running training course. It never occurred to me how important my self image was. I stopped running conferences, I went out less and less, I hated getting ready to go out. I went from a confident individual to someone that would avoid being noticed. I started wearing hats/scarf’s and eventually a ‘wig’ which I hated. My oldest daughter noticed the change in me and encouraged me to come and see you initially. What a step – she had to hold my hand – I was terrified. The first step to putting on the system, cutting of what little hair I had, took more courage than I can put into words.

The mirror in the room had to be covered, my stylist was fantastic, chatting away to calm me down. The mirror was uncovered and the old me emerged, I left your offices a different person and I have never looked back. Confident – empowered again.

Why I am sending this to you, simple is to say thank you – Today I bumped into a very old colleague who was amazed as to how good I was looking. When I came home I started to reflect as to how my life has changed. I am back at work, I enjoy going out and socialising. It is also those little things in life. I was in the gym recently and one of the trainers started to show me some exercises – if I was wearing a scarf / wig I would not have the confidence to be in the gym let alone work alongside one of the trainers.

Once again thank you, the only sad thing is that because this is so personal it is not an experience we share with our friends and therefore we do not share your good work with others – like have you tried that new salon in the high street …..

Many thanks,