Sue’s Story

Sue B is a cancer nurse who is in a better position than most to advise cancer sufferers about how to deal with their hair loss, for Sue herself has suffered from devastating alopecia since the age of ten. Here is her story.

‘I was 10 years old when I first started losing my hair after a bout of serious illness. There wasn’t much in the way of medical help then and all I remember is being told my hair would probably grow back in time. Unfortunately it only grew back in patches and left me with the front and top of my head with virtually no hair. As a teenager this was very traumatic for me and my self-confidence plummeted. I was referred to the hospital when I was 17 in the hope they could offer some treatment, but after trying every lotion, potion, steroid and “experimental” treatment, nothing had made any difference.

I was eventually discharged from their care with the words “You’ll just have to live with it!”. I learned to style what little hair I had in a way that covered up the bald patches and used scarves to hold it in place. I tried wearing wigs but found them hot and itchy and they made me feel even more self-conscious so I went back to wearing scarves instead.

I hated myself and my appearance and found it almost impossible to look at myself in a mirror. I didn’t go out much and never thought of myself as feminine. I was lucky that I had some good friends who supported me during this time. During my years as a hair loss sufferer I have tried every alternative treatment going. I was desperate to find a cure or at least see some improvement, but sadly nothing made any difference and over time I think I just gave up and resigned myself that I would never look any different.

However, about 5 years ago, I noticed that my hair was thinning even more, with the little hair I still had now starting to go. This time I decided to explore the internet to see if there was anything new that had been developed since I last searched. That was when I came across Aspiration hair solutions. It took me 4 days to pluck up enough courage to contact them and then to make an appointment to see them. I met with Andy and he showed me the hair systems and what they can look like on. I decided to go ahead with getting a system made for me and when I arrived to get it fitted I just couldn’t believe how I looked with it on. I didn’t recognise myself in the mirror and couldn’t wait to show it off to everyone. The one thing I noticed was that I felt taller now I had my new hair, I guess it was because I looked up and not down at the floor as I had before.

Having been a hair loss sufferer for 40 years I can say that Aspiration has given me my life back, a life I never thought would be possible.’