Stepping Up to the Platelet – Can New Treatment Help Reverse Hair Loss?

injection into scalp

Brave bride Sarah Anderson was so self conscious about having to disguise her thinning locks for her wedding day, she decided to embark on an experimental series of scalp injections of treatment using her own blood.

41 year-old Sarah said her locks began to fall out in her 30s and, after a particularly bad year at 38, she feared she would go bald altogether. During this time she had tried everything from special shampoos and hair treatments to vitamin therapy with no luck.

Meantime her wedding to medic David was fast approaching so she found a hairdresser skilled in back combing and other tricks of the trade to make her hair look full for the wedding

Soon after Mrs Anderson underwent the technique which involved drawing her own blood and treating it before re-injecting the platelet rich plasma into the affected areas of her scalp. In all Sarah had around 90 injections with the whole treatment costing £800.

Within weeks Sarah noticed a difference. First her existing hair stopped shedding, then over the following weeks, she noticed a proliferation of downy new hairs coming through which automatically made her hair start looking thicker. Her hairdresser was astonished and Sarah was delighted.

Platelet rich plasma (or PRP) treatment is already used as a cosmetic rejuvenation treatment for skin, but its use for hair rejuvenation is still in the early stages so there is some way to go to find out if it will benefit the majority of clients with hair loss or if Sarah was simply lucky.