Sleep Trichotillomania

Kelly Lacey 2kelly 4

38-year old, mother of two, Kelly Lacey this week spoke out about her distress at the toll 25 years of pulling out her hair, often in her sleep, has taken. Kelly believes that her Trichotillomania started as a response to the trauma of childhood sexual abuse.

Many a time she has woken up with aching fingers and a bleeding scalp over the years, realising in shock that she has been pulling her hair out in her sleep.

Sometimes she finds it hard to resist pulling her hair while awake too, owing to the feeling of psychological relief it brings, before the horror of the possible consequences hits and makes her feel even worse.

Psychological therapy has not helped.

Kelly has managed with heavy wigs for many years but is now seeking to raise money to fund cosmetic hair replacement in the hope that this will not only boost her confidence in living a more normal life, but mean that she is unable to access her scalp underneath for long enough that her natural hair may have a chance of recovering.