Should Sufferers Ever Accept Hair Loss?

This week’s Daily Mail Femail Magazine featured the story of alopecia sufferer Pam Glasse: My Hair Was The Part Of Me I Loved The Most – Then It All Fell Out Overnight

Naturally my heart went out to her as it does to all fellow hair loss sufferers, and Pam is obviously an extraordinary woman, not least for having the courage to share her story with a national newspaper. In addition she has obviously not had an easy time of it in choosing to accept her hair loss and wear a ‘buff’ (an embroidered fabric tube), leading all who meet her to immediately assume she must be a cancer sufferer, rather than seek a natural-looking cosmetic solution.

However when she said that she had decided against wearing a wig as that ‘felt like a pretence’ I had to ask myself; –

a. Is she really so unaware that cosmetic hair solutions have come a long way since the days of the nylon wig available for £10 from a back of a newspaper ad?

b. Whether a wig, extensions or a system, is any cosmetic hair loss solution really more of a ‘pretence’ than shaving, putting on mascara, wearing earrings, brushing our teeth or any one of the minor body modifications most of us undertake to look our best each day, and without which most of us would not look or feel our best naturally?

As anyone with hair loss particularly knows, Mother nature is not always kind or democratic and why should we be disadvantaged compared to those she has been much kinder to, or even completely unfairly kind to?!

Despite being blessed with an obviously loving family and a successful career, it is also clear that Pam has been to hell and back, first in losing her crowning glory and then in choosing to go down the route of acceptance about it, and struggles even now to see herself as an attractive and confident woman, despite her bravery.

We could see her as an example or we could ask ourselves – do we have a better choice than that?

I believe with Aspiration we do.