Sanity Not Vanity

hair loss

Sanity, not Vanity is an American charity which raises awareness of mental health issues and how to counter them with exercise and providing a safe forum in which to talk.

Hair loss is a well-known cause of depression but for many sufferers it is even more embarrassing to admit to hair loss than a purely mind-based mental health issue, so many don’t, myself included.

For me counselling was a no no and I doubt exercise would have done anything either because I knew exactly what was causing my depression – hair loss. I also knew that no mental or physical exercise was going to cure my plummeting self-esteem. And talking about it seemed the last thing I could do, though I did go to my GP to check if there was anything he could do and get tested to see if I was vitamin deficient. He couldn’t and I wasn’t. However what he did offer me were anti-depressants. I was about to give them a  try when I read the leaflet inside and noticed ‘hair loss’ among the side effects!

In the bin they went!

It was time to ditch the mousy eyebrow pencil with which I painstakingly narrowed my widening parting each morning too and bite the bullet. If I was going to talk to anyone about my hair loss it was going to be someone who could actually do something about it and that was a hair replacement clinic. Having had consultations at three, I found Aspiration Hair and have never looked back.

I look and feel normal again. Not vanity, but sanity. Sanity and normality. I still can’t stand those bright spotlights which seem to bear down on customers in every cafe these days, but at least I don’t fear them anymore and fruitlessly look for the one dark corner I can hide in without my every follicle being illuminated.

As for ‘vanity’ I don’t consider it vanity at all to do something about hair loss when 80% of my fellow females have hair on their heads they can take for granted! I am simply re-advantaging myself, having been cruelly disadvantaged by the fickle finger of fate..