Sandalwood Hair Guru…?


After many years of wacky homespun remedies for hair loss such as cow’s urine (yikes), onion juice  (niffy!) bull sperm (good luck collecting that!)  tabasco (oww!) and fish oil (ugh!) comes a more pleasant, if less native, alternative, Sandalwood oil.

Researchers from the Monasterium Laboratory, Münster, have discovered that sandalwood oil can stimulate hair growth after six days. They believe this is owing to ‘smell receptors’ in the hair, which respond to the scent of sandalwood by multiplying keratin.

Past studies found that sandalwood oil can cause keratin in the skin to multiply, which speeds up wound healing, so scientists wanted to see if the same would apply to the keratin in our hair. Lab technicians tested human scalp tissue from donors who had recently undergone facelift surgery with Sandalore, an artificial scent that smells like sandalwood.

It is not yet known what results real sandalwood oil could achieve so shall watch this space…

It is interesting to note that Sandalwood has been used for centuries as a form of Ayurvedic medicine and is credited with a range of healing properties. It is said to be good for fighting bacteria, inflammation, acne, cuts and wounds, muscle spasms and dry and aging skin. It is also recommended as a means of  combating dry hair. Indian sandalwood is the most potent sandalwood.

As with any essential oil, never apply directly to skin or scalp as this can cause a burning sensation, but mix with cold pressed extra virgin oil and with lavender, Geranium or Rose water to temper. The resulting mixture can be used both on facial or bodily skin, as well as on your scalp.

Whatever happens, you will at least smell wonderful. Any other results may be surprisingly  quick too if this research is anything to go by.