Salt and Sugar v Hair

One of the biggest changes to the western diet since WWII (aside from the fact we are now consuming 40% less vitamins owing to intensive farming methods), is that our sugar and salt consumption have skyrocketed.

Both seasonings have been linked to hair loss, which has also increased exponentially in the last few decades, as both are known to cause inflammation which can lead to cell damage and excessive androgen production harmful to hair, among other functions of the body, of which hair is the least important and life-sustaining as far as the body is concerned, so it will often shut this down first if there is an illness which requires its resources to fight.

However despite the food industry’s derisory efforts to reduce the levels of sugar and salt in its products, it is hard to avoid ingesting large quantities of salt and sugar daily (both hidden and otherwise) unless you cook everything from scratch. Aside from the obvious culprits such as cupcakes, alcohol too contains massive quantities of sugar used in the fermentation process – another substance which our society has drastically increased its consumption of.

While there is some way to go on the scientific evidence front, it is worth cultivating a savoury tooth over a sweet tooth for the simple reason that hair is made from protein (primarily keratin), not sugar. Which is not to advocate an unbalanced diet and overdoing the protein consumption as any dietry imbalance can cause problems elsewhere. Just more consciousness in dietry choices and awareness of factors which may not be helping address hair loss. Finding out the constituent parts of your hair and doing more to support them is just common sense. If you should find you have trouble eating fewer cakes and chocolate bars or doing without that sugar in your tea, just remember too much sugar also ages the skin as well as rotting the teeth and enhancing the chance of obesity and/or diabetes!

That said, a lot of hair loss continues to defy explanation and a lot of fellow sufferers reading this blog will like me, have already explored many a dietry road along their hair loss journey, only to need a box of chocolates to cheer them up!

Alternatively throw those chocolates away and come and see Aspiration to replace the dread in your head with hair on your head.