PHASES: Aspiration’s stage by stage undetectable hair replacement programme


Aspiration Hair introduces its PHASES™ programme for undetectable hair replacement that is done in carefully pre-planned “phases.” It is so remarkably natural that no one will ever know you are on your way to the hair of your dreams.

Often people worry about suddenly coming to work, school, or home with instant hair. “People will know right away” and “it is a dead give-away” are the typical concerns. Aspiration’s innovation has created the solution to these issues with PHASES™. Each Phase is designed with you to carefully and strategically add small increments of hair so no one will notice your hair is being replaced. The usual comments are: “you have done something… you have lost weight,” or “you have been working out, looks good.”

For men and women of every age, and designed to get you back into the full game of life, PHASES™ is a life-changing hair replacement product that you can swim, shower, run, play golf… live life to the fullest in.

“Aspiration Hair’s PHASES was simply amazing as it took me from male pattern baldness to where I am now: a fantastic head of hair… all within 5 carefully-planned stages/phases. Everything was done in such a way as no one knew (especially my customers and friends).” John L.(UK)