Of Mice and Men – new hope for hair loss?

mouse hair

A new protein peptide has been discovered which seemingly reverses hair loss and waning kidney function in ageing mice.

Following four years of study, researchers at Erasmus University Medical Centre in Rotterdam believe they may have hit upon a drug which reverses the ageing process . The drug is said to work by disrupting a compound called FOXO4. This compound is found in very small quantities in young healthy cells, but builds up as cells grow older, and health begins to break down.  The disrupter peptide apparently instructs the faultiest cells to self-destruct, helping reverse conditions such as failing kidney function and hair loss.

Tests have only been carried out on mice so far and there are concerns the peptide could increase levels of cancer in humans. However results have been encouraging and lots of hairy mice are apparently running around as if they were half their age!

Watch this space…