New Year, New You!

So has your New Year’s resolution to do something major about your hair solidified into resolve? Or is it melting into dissolution as lack of confidence or plain fear win the day?

Would it help boost that dutch courage to know about the Aspiration Promise? The Aspiration Promise is simple and has been around for as long as Aspiration has. At your first (free) consultation your hair will be assessed and your non-surgical treatment options explained.

Choose any of these non-surgical treatment options and if you feel you are not getting the exciting results you desire in six months (and in the majority of cases overall hair improvement takes at least six months), we will redeem the cost of the treatment – a laser comb for example – against the cost of your first hair systems.

So ping that e-mail or pick up that phone and hotfoot it to the specialist salon where you can’t lose and ALL our clients benefit from the Aspiration Promise that within a short space of time they will walk out the door with a full head of hair, whether their own natural hair or Aspirationed hair (and only YOU will know the difference!)