New Featherlite Micro Skin Systems Offer Our Most Undetectable Hair Systems Ever!

Aspiration is delighted to be able to offer a new generation of Featherlite hair systems for men made using synthetic ‘micro-skin’ membranes. These membranes are the closest to the consistency and thickness of human skin available, are fully breathable, and look exactly like human skin, even with a magnifying glass, making them our most undectable systems ever.

As a further advantage, they are fully bonded onto the scalp (no joins or ridges) with a hypo-allergenic bonding agent especially formulated for this product, so no glues, beads or tapes. This also means less chance of skin irritation for those with sensitive scalps.

The reason the new Featherlite micro skin systems are for men is that owing to the delicacy of the base, they are only suitable for short hair styles and not suitable for the longer or heavier density of hair usually preferred by female clients, which will also tend to be subjected to more styling and processing than men’s hair.

Featherlite systems have a shorter lifespan than lace front systems owing to the delicacy of the base (which means they cannot be repaired or re-vented with additional hair) and will last on average 3-4 months each. For this reason Featherlite systems are available on a package-only deal to make them more economical and affordable.

Please ask your Aspiration consultant or stylist to show you a sample or book a free, no-obligation, consultation at Aspiration now to discuss all your hair options.