National Hair Loss Awareness Month and The Company Behind It

It’s an age-old marketing technique to devise an industry award to put a company on the map.

Viviscal hair supplements have gone one better by declaring May ‘National Hair Loss Awareness Month’ – ie a good excuse for lots of advertising promoting Viviscal hair supplements dressed up as news articles. Last week I counted two such pieces in one issue of the Daily Mail alone! They have also shelled out on celebrity endorsements from the likes of Cheryl Baker and Pearl Lowe

I admire the market chutzpah of Irish parent company Lifes2Good, but having tried their previous hair supplement Nourkrin – when shark cartilage extract was all the rage as the new miracle hair loss ingredient – I am afraid that eighteen months of their (extra strength) tablets made not one jot of difference to my own hair loss, hence my eventual trek to Aspiration’s door for a cosmetic cure.

Looking at the difference between Nourkrin and Viviscal ingredients, there appears to be very little, aside from no shark in the latter, so it seems curious they branded a second product line, especially if the first product worked so well.

Though Viviscal has survived a run-in with the Advertising Standards Authority following which it was forced to modify its formerly-extravagant claims about reversing hair loss and creating hair growth.

That said, their customer reviews seem to average around 50/50 in terms of customer satisfaction, so good luck to anyone who is sufficiently vitamin-deficient to reap genuine benefits to their hair.

Either way it is good for those of us who used to experience ‘Hair Loss Awareness Month’ every month to see the problem being highlighted at last.