Nadine Dorries and nano-peptide mesotherapy

Nadine Dorries 2 Nadine Dorries hair loss

Following MP and novelist Nadine Dorries’s public admission earlier this year that she was suffering hair loss, controversially likening the confidence-draining effect of hair loss to to ‘having a mastectomy’, Ms Dorries has revealed in today’s Sunday Mail how she has improved her hair since.

Although blaming her hair loss on stress, Ms Dorries says she has changed her diet to a largely red-meat based diet to boost ferritin levels. At the recommendation of a male colleague she also embarked on a new treatment regime of nano-peptide mesotherapy,  multi-vitamin injections to her scalp. At night she would place a hot water bottle on her head for 15 minutes to encourage blood flow to her follicles. She has also switched to organic hair colouring.

Ms Dorries says that while her hair will never be thick, her locks are now much more lustrous and the bald areas are re-growing. She is delighted. However Dr Ellie Cannon warns that  nano-peptide mesotherapy is as yet unproven, and boosting iron levels alone could have treated Ms Dorries’ hair loss, since many women suffer iron deficiency. It is also an extremely expensive therapy at around £300 per weekly session, though the frequency was decreased over time.