Nadia Sawalha and the Loose Locks

Nadia Sawahla Nadia Sawalha 2

Actress and TV Chef and presenter Nadia Sawalha has provoked a mass outpouring of sympathy by tearfully revealing on ITV’s Loose Women that her uber-thick trademark curls have declined in density by up to 40% in recent years.

Moreover she has experienced the alarming development of several bald spots, confessing that she actually needs quite a lot of make-up artist help to feel confident on TV now. A video clip saw her emerge from the shower with wet hair, sobbing to camera; ‘I used to have the most amazing hair. It was my crowning glory. It was my favourite thing about myself’

As a fellow sufferer who also enjoyed amazingly thick hair (to the point it immediately popped hair slides back out again whenever I tried to tame it), I could identify with this. Mine too was my absolute crowning glory and somehow it seems when you are used to having extraordinarily thick hair,  hair loss comes as even more of a shock.

52-year old Nadia blames two pregnancies and the menopause, yet has also been told by doctors that she carries the male pattern baldness gene. What particularly worries her is whether her hair loss will get any worse as no one has been able to reassure her on this point.

She says people constantly reassure her that she looks ‘wonderful’ and ‘amazing’, but she knows the truth – that her curls are ‘fake’ – and is upset by it.

The follow up edition saw fellow presenters Andrea McLean, Gloria Hunniford and Anne Diamond also bravely confessing to battles with hair loss, and forming an interesting demographic, if representative of the wider population.
Hats off to Nadia and her Loose Women colleagues for sharing their hair loss trauma and spreading the message that there is no need for shame, just good help. Which is where Aspiration come in.