My Story of Solving Hair Loss…

Many years ago I was a different person: angry, no confidence, isolated, anxious, depressed, and simply without what I call “hope.” Every day, when I looked into the mirror, saw someone next to me with a gorgeous head of hair blowing in the wind, had a wind gust blow my comb-over around, or ran my fingers through my scalp, I was reminded that I was on the downside (quite literally). It sounds so silly, as how can some shiny fluff on the top of our heads hold so much power over our happiness and self image? Conversely, how can lack of hair (hair loss) be so life-damaging? Slowly, the negative symptoms set in: I started going-out less: fewer family events, no pictures allowed, no dates (or even bothering to ask for them), not even trips to my favorite High Street shops. I could foresee a future of sitting in limbo around the telly every night, and running from work to home, as a definite certainty. As the hair loss got worse, so did my depression and my anxiety, and my hatred of being me (my genes that caused this, my deficiency). I had nature to blame and that’s it!

But, looking back, I realise it was also partly me to blame: because I wasted years not even looking for help or a way to solve this problem. In reality, I believed nothing was there to help and was a good as condemned for life. Yes, no dates, never going to my favorite clubs and socials, no dream job, and no new friends… it was all written in stone. Sadly, it was all too easy to think this way. The turning point came when I moved to London, and saw the well-dressed bankers, professionals, and executives on the train home (they seemed all to have gorgeous heads of hair). How was this possible? I then realised that I HAD to do anything or my life was doomed by something so minor as missing some shiny fluff on my head. I had HAD ENOUGH!

I Googled hair loss and hair replacement, and started to learn. Then I found Aspiration… and I took a chance that has changed my life. It has now been several years and my memories of the years of pain and depression and loss of confidence are LONG GONE. I have honestly been empowered to get into life with a vibrancy and confidence I never could have imagined… I am ME again! The ME of my youth, of being so social, confident, energetic, risk-taking, and a lover of style. I have learned when it comes to hair loss that life is an “action sport” where you MUST take action and do something, as opposed to just accept things as they are and be doomed. The first step to empowerment is the biggest and most important–and life-changing. There are solutions to hair loss–GO OUT AND GET THEM!

Kyle B. (London, UK)