Mens Hair Replacement Case Study: Marvin’s New Life

The Journey to Hair

Our hair products are simply the best in the world, made especially for you. Our dedication to quality and client is what sets Aspiration Hair apart from the competition, anywhere, and has created its reputation as the UK’s premiere hair replacement, hair re-growth, and hair improvement brand. Our Journey to Hair columns and stories highlight the simple, enjoyable path and procedures that one goes through in getting their beloved hair back with Aspiration Hair .

Marvin gets his hair… and Aspired

Marvin was a man who had enough of looking older than he was and being without a full head of hair. Young and full of energy, Marvin wanted to live life with his hair–as opposed to exist without it. “After careful research, I found out that getting my hair back was much easier that I had imagined, and that the technology is so incredible that it is possible to get very close to my natural hair… much closer that I thought possible,” says Marvin. “The whole hair replacement process has moved away from ridiculous toupees and wigs to the amazing Aspiration Hair Systems that have perfectly natural hairlines (the hair looks like it is coming out of your scalp) , are breathable like your own skin, and which you can style anyway you like (use gel, hair spray, back comb, etc.). Incredibly, they cannot be detected, and you sleep and live life in to the fullest with them… swim shower, tennis, go to the gym, even motorbike. You never know it’s not your own hair–it becomes part of you.”

The First Step…

My first step was to go and have a free consultation. I must say that I was scared in case anyone I knew saw me going to a hair replacement/re-growth company. But, not to worry, as Aspiration Hair have all of their locations in non-descript buildings with no signs–it looks like I am going to my office or dentist. Once inside, I felt relaxed in a very pleasant environment, offered tea, and was soon welcomed into my own private room by a consultant (not a sales person). I was very impressed, as on the walls were the company’s Mission and Vision statements for all to read–so I had an idea of who I was dealing with and their beliefs. This is important to me.

The Consultation…

My consultant, Andrew, started off by listening to me, learning about me and my history, my thoughts, what I wanted, and what I thought they could do for me–taking an interest in me and my situation with hair loss. He asked some excellent questions, and explained what they (Aspiration Hair) offered for my unique situation.

I asked to see samples and how the process worked. Finally, I had a lot of information (more than I could imagine) and said that I wanted to think about all of this–to digest it all in my own time. Without hesitation or pressure, Andrew reinforced my decision (“that is the best thing to do”), suggested some reading on their weblog, as well as handed me their brochure.

After about a week and further research, I called Andrew just to talk and ask more questions. Not once did I feel like I was getting sales pressure–only genuine concern and the encouragement to do research to make things better. This is why I ultimately chose Aspiration Hair: genuine concern for me and my needs, not my money,

The Next Step…

After about seven days, I finally decided to move ahead and do it! Either I was going to exist with no hair and be miserable, or I was going to try this one shot to live life as I had most of my life: with a full head of lovely hair. I still remember the wonderful moments when a gust of wind would blow my fringe into my eyes, or when my long locks would blow all over the place, or my Father would tell me to “get a hair cut”–annoyances to those with hair, but priceless to those with hair loss. I had to give it a “try.”

I called Andrew and booked in for a design, and he advised me to bring in any pictures of myself or what my dream hair would look like.

The Design…

My design was a nervous, yet exciting, experience. The first thing that was done was that I was given a “Aspiration” Warranty–a goodwill gesture from Aspiration Hair that really put me at ease. I was given my own private room where my personal designer worked with me to select every facet of my hair including its length, various densities, growth patterns, and colour; and then a mould was taken of my scalp where my balding area is. Overall, the design was a pleasant experience that took about an hour, but Aspiration Hair lets you take as long as you like. At the end of the design, my designer reviewed everything with me patiently to make sure we had designed my dream hair correctly. We had! The wait for my new hair would be about 6-8 weeks as Aspiration Hair custom-makes everything for me.

Immediately, the order was sent for production within a few minutes of my completed design. I was informed that as soon as my completed system comes in, I would be called to book a pre-fitting.

It Has Arrived…

Just as promised, 8 weeks after my design, I received a phone call to come in for my Pre-Fitting Appointment (PFA), which is where both Aspiration Hair and myself carefully examine my hair system to make sure it fits, is correct in every way according to my order, and to carry out any small “tweaks.” As explained during my consultation and design, all Aspiration Hair Systems are bespoke/totally-customised products that require great accuracy. Hence, the PFA procedure, exclusive to Aspiration Hair, has been created to ensure that quality and fit are of the highest standard (and to fine tune the system to me). The whole process lasted only 30 minutes, was enjoyable, and allowed me a first glimpse of my hair system–which, by the way, looked fantastic. I was amazed to see how much “hair” changed me (my appearance and face), and could not wait for my fitting in 4 days!

The Fitting…

I must say, I was both very excited and also nervous about my fitting, as many questions were in my head about how I would look, what friends would think, would it look fake?, etc.

I was taken to my private salon room and introduced to my personal stylist, Sarah, who told me she had 10 years styling and cutting experience. She explained to me how the fitting procedure works and then showed me my system, let me check it again, and then asked if I approve of it. To me, it looked great. So, I gave her permission to shave off the balding (only the balding area is very carefully and accurately shaved) area on my head and start the procedure. I gave Sarah pictures of what I wanted my hair to look like, and we started my fitting. Over the next 2 hours, Sarah very carefully cut my system hair to the exact length I wanted, inch by inch, and to my desired style. We talked and I drank teas and coffees, and slowly my hair took shape. Probably the most unexpected and surprising reality was that as my hair was being styled and cut into place, I began to see a face I had not seen for years (I had forgotten what I used to look like in the mirror with hair). I must say, it was at first quite a shock–who would think hair (or a lack of it) could change your face so much! I suddenly started to remember a look and face I had not seen for ages–it was quite emotional, really. Above all, it was incredible and at the end of the process I could not believe I had my hair back! And no one could tell it was not mine. For the first few minutes, I had to be alone to just look at myself quietly… I ran my fingers through it, changed my parting a few times, and had to take the hand mirror off of Sarah’s counter to see my side view in the big styling mirror. Honestly, I can’t think of a happier feeling in a long time. I got my hair back!

In a sort of happy cloud, I was asked if everything was to my satisfaction–all I could say was YES!!!! I just wanted to run out into the world and the wind with my hair again.

Sarah kindly took the time to explain how to care for my system, wash and clean it (just shampoo in the shower like real hair), touch up the front, and about booking my re-visits for cleaning and re-attaching called a re-groom (about once a month). I was given a small kit to look after my new hair–and that was it. Just before I left the office, I then booked in my complimentary re-groom for a few weeks later, and then paid my balance (which is only done when you are completely satisfied just before leaving). I must admit, that all I could think about was how wonderful it was to have my pride and joy hair back, how enjoyable the process was, and how kind, helpful, and professional Aspiration Hair was to me through my entire journey to hair. Now, I comb my hair back (to show off my incredible front hairline), gel it, and simply live life to the fullest again with my beautiful hair.

Thank you Aspiration Hair,