Medical-Related Hair Replacement — Increase Healing by Maintinaing a Healthy Image During Recovery

Everyone is aware of different types of hair loss other than male pattern baldness, receding hair lines or female pattern baldness. Medical-Related Hair loss includes conditions such as Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Universalis and Alopecia Totalis. These types of hair loss conditions typically affect women and children. Then there is hair loss caused by Oncology treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy. All are emotionally devastating hair loss conditions that require non-surgical Hair Replacement techniques.

Medical professionals agree that an oncology patient who is able to achieve and maintain a healthy and positive image during their recovery will benefit from it tremendously. The patient will be confident about their appearance so that they can continue their regular, healthy lifestyle rather than hiding at home or trying to cover up their hair loss with cheap wigs, hats and scarves. A patient who looks healthy will often find it easier to feel healthy.

With the Aspiration Medical Hair System, the medical-related Hair Replacement patient needs not deal with the emotional and crippling devastation of losing their hair and waiting many months for it to grow back naturally. The Aspiration Hair System is custom designed before the Oncology procedure to duplicate the patient’s natural hair, replicating the parting, density, hairline, colour and texture.

Significantly, the patent can sleep, shower and perform all of their regular daily activities in their Aspiration Hair System just as they did before their hair loss. They never need look in the mirror and see anything but a healthy and whole reflection staring back at them. Most importantly, they can go out into the world with complete confidence in their natural appearance because these non-surgical Hair Systems are virtually undetectable, not only to sight but also to touch. For those suffering from Alopecia, a medical disease that afflicts more than 5 million people nationwide, the nonsurgical hair replacement industry has produced special hair systems that answer this specific need as well. Only the best hair systems in the world can disappear on your skin, creating a natural appearance as good as the one you were meant to have.

One of the challenges of hair replacement when it comes to treating patients suffering from Alopecia is that the hair often does not fall out completely. With women in particular, the hair commonly falls out in patches. Understandably, many female patients will not want to shave off their existing hair in order to be fitted with a hair system. Fortunately for these cases, a “Volumizer” Hair System has been developed by Aspiration Hair Solutions based in London, UK. This special hair system is designed to blend seamlessly with the patient’s own existing hair, eliminating the need to shave.

Medical-related hair loss can be devastating, but there are hair replacement studios that provide the compassionate and professional service to bring healing and hope to their clients. But do your research because not all Hair Replacement products are alike. With a topic as important as Medical-Related hair replacement, perform your due diligence before signing a contract.