Male Body Hair Transplants – Really?

I was amused to read that there is now a clinic in the US which will transplant hair FROM a man’s scalp to other parts of his body in order to cultivate body hair in other areas (perhaps you are a man with a patchy beard or lacking in chest hair for example).

Whilst I can understand this procedure for re-creating lost eyebrows or eyelashes in a cancer or alopecia sufferer, it seems madness to waste scalp hair on any other part of the body or prioritise other body hair over scalp hair.

It also pre-supposes on the part of the patient that they will never suffer from hair loss problems on their head when actually they might find they want those precious (spare) folicles at the back of their head for a scalp transplant at a later date.

Another side-effect of this surgery is that men forever have to regularly trim the transplanted scalp hair on their chest or other regions as this will otherwise grow to the same length as the scalp hair that it was.

It strikes me that body hair transplants could be tomorrow’s tattoos in terms of regrets as the last thing a man needs is an extra means of losing scalp hair.

Or perhaps Aspiration should explore this interesting new market and offer non-surgical hair replacement options for chests, chins, sideburns and crown jewels!