Making Silken Hair Out Of A Pig’s Bladder…?

A biomatrix made from pigs bladders that repairs and remodels damaged tissue called ACell (normally used in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery) is being combined with PRP (platelet rich plasma, extracted from the patients’ own blood),and injected into the scalp, typically as an accompaniment to hair transplant surgery in the hope of bolstering the follicles and aiding the healing of any scarring.

This treatment is said to reverse the miniaturisation of hair follicles – the most common form of hair thinning – prompting dormant stem cells into new life causing follicles to become larger and more robust again, resulting in stronger hair growth. The procedure is now available in a handful of clinics in the US and initial results seem encouraging, though its devisors are by no means hailing it as a holy grail cure for hair loss.

Online forum opinion remains divided on this potential breakthrough, with some voices even saying that green plasma will harm remaining hair if it is full of male sex hormones including DHT (the hair slaying hormone), rather than help reverse hair loss.

Hair growth results from this method are predicted to last for several years before the procedure needs to be repeated, not unlike some hair transplants where hair continues to recede beyond the surgery area, necessitating further transplants. As with most hair loss treatments, it is recommended in cases of early stage hair loss for best results and for women, who tend to suffer diffuse thinning all over, but retain a quantity of hair growth overall.