Laser Helmet Treatment at Aspiration’s London Bridge Salon

Did you know that you can visit Aspiration’s London Bridge salon to take advantage of the very latest in laser technology for hair re-growth? Below are some before and after shots of two Aspiration clients, each of whom underwent our Complete Laser Programme. comprising 26 weekly sessions of 30 minutes, and both of whom were delighted with the results.

Convenient, private and painless, our customers report high levels of satisfaction with the Programme which combines clinically proven laser therapy with FDA-approved Minoxodil®, Aspiration’s own Natural DHT Blocker and scalp and follicle detoxifiers.

Our Complete Laser Programme offers benefits for both men and women, depending upon the nature of their hair loss and their own personal goals. The ultimate goal is the re-growth of hair. For others, the programme offers benefits such as boosting the health and fullness of existing hair and increasing the quality of their hair generally. Studies tell us that for women after the age of 25, hair often begins to thin and lose its sheen and vitality owing to natural ageing as well as repeated harsh treatments such as colouring, perming, and straightening. Many clients find that our programme brings back the shine, depth, body and overall hair health they enjoyed when younger. Others find the treatment arrests their hair loss or slows it down. A large percentage find hair re-growth, as well as increased hair quality.

For those for whom home therapy is more practical, we continue to offer our FDA- approved HairMax lasercomb, available through our new online store, or as part of our Aspiration promise if you attend for a free consultation. whereby we undertake to discount the cost of the comb off the first cosmetic treatments you choose with Aspiration in the unlikely event you feel you have derived no benefit to your hair recovery from the comb after six months use. So don’t delay, try a laser today! Particularly recommended for hair loss incurred within the last 2-3 years.