King of the Hairways!

We were interested to read about American ‘King of the Hairways’ and white male ‘Oprah’, Mr Spencer Kobren and his hit syndicate radio show ‘The Bald Truth’.

Described as the first ‘reality’ radio show for men, the weekly two-hour programme has now been running for twenty years (coast to coast for the last ten) and encourages American men to phone or email sharing their thoughts and wisdom on life, love and particularly hair loss.

In that time Mr Kobren has become an acknowledged expert on the subject and national hair loss consumer champion, founding and presiding over the National American Hair Loss Foundation a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public, healthcare professionals, and the mainstream media about the emotionally devastating and life altering affliction of hair loss, and protecting consumers against hair loss industry rogues.

He has also authored; The Bald Truth; The First Complete Guide to Preventing and Treating Hair Loss, The Truth About Women’s Hair Loss; What Really Works for Treating and Preventing Thinning Hair. Men in the UK can tune in online via The Bald Truth website.

We at Aspiration acknowledge that hair loss can be just as devastating whether you are a man or a woman, even though it might be more socially acceptable for a man as far as the outside world is concerned. However that doesn’t necessarily make it any easier for a man on the inside, so it is nice to see that mens’ need for emotional support is also recognised in such a show. Is it too much to hope that we will end up with a Radio 4 ‘Man’s Hour’ in similar vein, being as British women have enjoyed a ‘Woman’s Hour’ for more than sixty years?