Keeping Your Head (and a lucky escape)

Further to the importance of not allowing hair loss to tempt health loss in the desperation to find a cure, I thought I would also share the following…

Having visited one (lady) trichologist of luxuriant personal locks and innumerable letters after her name, but who was able to offer little more than tea and sympathy when my ferratin results came back normal and there were no clues in my medical history, I grew sorely tempted to try another hair loss clinic which was always advertising impressive results in the local press and county lifestyle magazine. However it seemed far too glossy and upmarket for me to afford and I was already spending bucketloads on the latest course of hair vitamins which promised to help, so I kept putting off picking up the phone to make an appointment at this swanky establishment.

Lo and behold, suddenly it was on the news that the owner had been arrested for molesting women clients!

I won’t name the individual concerned as he has now served his three year sentence and does not appear to have re-entered the hair loss profession, but be wary of clinics offering massage to alleviate hair loss, particularly if they suggest you remove anything other than your hat to improve efficacy!

It may seem an extreme warning, but you’d be surprised what can happen when you feel emotionally vulnerable and desperate, seeing someone/something as your only chance of recovery especially if you have not yet faced the fact that at this point in time and hair loss evolution only a quality cosmetic solution can truly guarantee the results you seek.

We all like to hope we’d never find ourselves in that position, but there but for the grace of you-know-who…

And ultimately what you want out of a hair loss solution is Aspiration, not the diametric opposite.