Keep A Cool Head…


Even without hair loss issues hot weather can play havoc with our hair as we all know, making it dry, frizzy, tangly and hard to keep in style. However when you are a wearer of extensions or systems, you can risk your adhesive overheating and getting a bit sticky as well. Your extensions or system will probably remain securely in place but it is good to avoid any feeling of stickiness if possible, if only for comfort reasons.

To avoid this happening (AND get a good night’s sleep in the current heatwave) we recommend investing in a cool gel pad or ‘chillow’ to place on your pillow under your pillowcase. They come in all shapes. sizes and prices and some are actually built into the pillow in more expensive versions but for £9.99 you can get a Chillmax pad from JML (see picture above) from branches of Boots, Argos or Robert Dyas. This fold up version is also handier for travel than the fancier versions.

Tried and tested by this system wearer and well worth it. And in case you are worried, you won’t wake up with a freezing head in the middle of the night – it simply keeps your head a few degrees cooler than it would otherwise be overnight/in hot weather.

It has been asked if a cooling pillow can prevent hair loss. Well there is no evidence to suggest so, but it can certainly prevent the funny dreams we have when we overheat at night!

*Note: The biggest risk for system or extension wearers is saunas as they will literally try to steam your additional hair off your head! Please avoid saunas if you are a system or extension wearer.