James Nesbitt – a champion for male hair loss

James Nesbitt 3

What’s not to like about TV star James Nesbitt? He’s funny and charming with an Irish accent which suggests he carries his very own velvet-encased blarney stone around in his pocket. He’s also disarmingly honest about his battle with hair loss and how yes, men really do mind, thank you very much.

Not that most women would have given him the cold shoulder even without hair, but by his own admission James has now embarked on two hair transplants, as he felt hair loss was affecting his acting prospects as well as becoming an unhealthy obsession.

I suspect James has also opted for cosmetic hair replacement whilst his new hair takes root as apparently the after and before photos (top) were taken within days of one another – ie in defiance of known human hair growth rate/time ratios!

Generally his look is a bit more subtle (below), though we all know how easy it is to get carried away with flowing locks once we have the choice again! Overall though, good result.  It may not be genetically his, but it’s definitely human hair.

James Nesbitt